Snapchat Marketing for Business

Snapchat Marketing for Business
May 4, 2016 Kris Asleson

The World of Snapchat

Originally, we were wrong about Snapchat. We thought they were crazy when they turned down Facebook’s $3 billion offer in 2013. However, just a few short years later, we are starting to see how Snapchat marketing for business can add serious value to companies large and small alike.

For those who don’t know, Snapchat is a growing social network that enables users to send images to each other, much like text messaging. The kicker is, the viewer can only look at this “snap” for a few seconds before it disappears — forever.

Because of that, it seems like marketing with Snapchat is a lost cause. But if you take a second to think it through, it actually starts to make sense. In a world overcrowded with information, especially on the internet, we are witnessing an age-old adage in full effect in the digital age: “You always want what you can’t have.”

As pointed out by the Snapchat rockstar Shonduras, Snapchat marketing is actually possible because the messages are only temporary. Why? It’s actually pretty simple. When you scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed, it’s a rarity if a post catches your attention long enough where you actually read it carefully. This is in part because you know in the back of your mind you could revisit it any time. It’s permanent. But with Snapchat, users know they better pay attention for the 10 seconds that they are viewing a snap, because after that, it’s gone for good.

So, in a counterintuitive way, Snapchat actually delivers a strong, memorable platform for brands to leverage, since its audience is actually listening. Snapchat has also held on to its organic roots fairly well so far, steering away from the follow/unfollow game that has polluted Twitter and Instagram. How will all it play out? How can your business use Snapchat? Let’s take a look:

How to Use Snapchat Marketing for Business

People are starting to become more aware of Snapchat, but often dismiss it as “just another app.” Maybe you’ve heard of it, but don’t really know anything about what purpose it actually serves, especially concerning Snapchat marketing for business. In this article, we’ll challenge that thinking. As a business, the faster you get into this ecosystem the more market share you’ll find, as Snapchat has been dubbed as the next big thing on social media. The way content is shared offers unique and valuable opportunities for businesses that the other social networks can’t deliver. With more than 100 million active users, 9000 snaps being sent every second and more than 80% of its users in the age group of 13-25, the possibilities are immense.

snapchat marketing for business

If your business involves anything trendy, youthful or related to pop culture in any way, you’ll want to start engaging a Snapchat marketing strategy.

Why Snapchat?

It’s highly relational, raw, and effective at capturing undivided attention. As mentioned earlier, the fact that snaps disappear after they’re viewed might sound like a marketing disaster at first, but this actually works in the favor of a thoughtful business or influencer. In an age of endless scrolling and skimming across other social networks, Snapchat engages the viewer wholeheartedly while they watch your snap since they know they won’t be able to view it again. In that 5-10 second time span, your brand can make an indelible mark on your audience.

Snapchat Strategies for Business

Run Teaser Campaigns
You’ve probably seen the power of teaser ad campaigns in television commercials as advertisers have used it for effectively introducing new products and services for decades. With Snapchat, you can run similar teaser campaigns to highlight a new product with a series of teasers, culminating into the final ad campaign. This generates curiosity in the minds of your market and keeps them hungry for the next snap (and ultimately, your product).

Real-Time Marketing
Real-time marketing is the next big thing that businesses are pursuing. While Facebook and Twitter have somewhat engaged this opportunity, Snapchat takes it to a new level altogether. For example, if you are launching a product or participating in a large industry tradeshow, Snapchat enables you to keep messaging the latest pictures and videos to your audience in real-time, adding an exciting angle to your messaging.

Offering Deals & Discounts
Unlike other social media platforms, every post in Snapchat is available for a set time limit. An individual snap has a time limit of 1 to 10 seconds, or you can use the “story” (public update) feature to make a snap available to all your followers for 24 hours. This creates a sense of urgency for your followers, which can guide buying behavior significantly.

Resolve Customer Problems
Quality customer service is one of the best ways to earn loyalty and increase your brand value in the minds of your existing customers. As a business, you often come across questions about how to use your products, fix problems, and more. Snapchat offers a private, real-time communication platform to engage customers through video, pictures and chat depending on the nature of the problem.

Thanks for reading this article on Snapchat marketing for business, and best of luck snapping your way to success!


Kris Asleson has been immersed in digital marketing since the early days. He was an Ebay Powerseller at 13, and hand-coded a profitable e-commerce website when he was 15 in the early 2000’s. Today, he leverages his expertise to help businesses grow by using digital marketing tactics that reflect the strategically integrated marketing and PR approach offered by the FireCircle Agency, which he co-founded.

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